A Bedwetting That Leads to 800 Thread-Count Bliss

OK, so let’s start off by saying my 5-year-old Kindergarten boy likes to sleep with Mommy and Daddy. He’s the youngest of three, and my baby. I know it won’t be long before he wants to be an independent little boy so when he climbs up into bed with me and cuddles up, I don’t send him away. He hasn’t always been like this, but in his defense, we just moved into a new house a few months ago and he just started school with all new kids. That being said, I’m very aware that because he’s my last child, I’m holding onto his youth with all that I can. Though he has the most adorable smile, is a great cuddler, and makes the cutest sucking sound when he sleeps as if he is dreaming of when he used to be nursed, there are downsides. Most nights I struggle to not fall out of the bed because he likes to sleep so close to me that he pushes me to the edge. He also likes to hog the covers. But last night, we discovered a new downside.

I should have realized that he had too much juice to drink before he went to sleep and proactively taken preventive steps, but I was too immersed in watching American Idol. Yes, at about two in the morning… he wet the bed.  I had to wake my husband up and we had to strip the bed down. Needless to say I was not all that happy. I went to the linen closest and realized the only clean replacement sheet we had, was in an unopened package. I remember my husband had bought them because they were on sale. Normally we are a 300 thread count kind of family, but these sheets that my husband bought were 800 thread count. That’s why they, prior to this, had remained unopened. 800 thread count sheets? That’s what famous people adorn their beds with, right? I remember when Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey used to be married and have their Newlywed show, that Jessica used to talk about the high thread count in their sheets. Didn’t keep them together, but I was impressed, nonetheless. So, here I was having to use the gold standard of sheets not because of some special, monumental occasion, but because of a urination accident. How annoying is that? Still half asleep, we struggled to get the sheets on right, to the cacophony of our son whimpering that he had been woken up, and as quickly as we could, with furrowed brow, got back into our sleeping positions.

As I sunk back into bed, something miraculous happened… I was transported to a Four Seasons Resort. My troubles went away. My annoyance with my son evaporated into the silkiness of the bed of flower petals I felt my body lying upon. For the next four hours I had the sleep of my life. I am now a true believer in high thread count. To think that it took a bed-wetting for me to partake in the luxurious experience that was sitting so high up on a shelf in my linen closest, just waiting for the right moment to come along. But as with many moral questions that one is confronted with when newly acquired riches come into your life, I find myself now being faced with one. 800 thread count sheets and a possible bed wetter, is a potentially explosive combination. When my beautiful, blonde, little boy with his little blankie in tow, starts to make a b-line to my bed this evening, I will have to make a choice. And it won’t be an easy one…

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