Promotion Day!

My husband works for an investment bank and today was the day they communicate what your end-of-the-year bonus is and salary increase, or lack thereof. If you know anything about how investment banks have been doing lately, you won’t be surprised that the news he received today was more of a “yip” and less of a “yipee”. So, as someone who doesn’t like to dwell on the negative, I decided to be proactive and create some good news myself. I decided one of us should come home with a promotion today, so, I promoted myself to Vice President, Homemaker, and decided to start this blog. Like my husband, I, too, did not receive a salary increase but I did receive this nifty title. My prior position was just “homemaker”, so moving myself up to Vice President, Homemaker, is something I’m very excited about. It means I finally get to update my resume after six years. My prior position was Vice President of Marketing for a large investment banking firm. When I was pregnant with my third child,  I decided to trade that job in for a “homemaker” position. Six years later, I still hold that position and felt that it was high time I received a richly deserved promotion. So, congrats to myself. Now, as with most people who have just heard that they have received a job promotion, I will take this opportunity to go celebrate. I’m heading off to a local dive they call “The Kitchen” and will be lifting a glass of chilled white wine or more probably some flat diet Coke, as “The Kitchen” is not always stocked with the appropriate cordials.

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